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If You Want Your Grandchildren to Own Real Diamonds, You Should Buy Them Now

Investing in diamonds now is the smartest course of action for your future portfolio. According to a new article by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), the most prominent diamond mines in the present will become defunct in the very near future. Within one generation, the biggest diamond market in the world will become the second-hand market and the era of unearthed rough diamonds will be over.

Surprised Yet?

Well, you definitely shouldn’t be. Diamonds are a natural resource, and as such are bound to end at some point. The availability of natural diamonds of all colours and quality levels will be affected, with no exceptions. The number of diamonds in circulation will thus reach the point of no return much sooner than people realise. This point is only 61 years in the future, as shown by the following info-graphic. 

Infographic courtesy of Fancy Color Research Foundation

No new mega-mines were discovered this century and no new ones are expected to be discovered. Once the last mine shuts down, there will be a significant drop in the supply of freshly found diamonds. Whilst the supply is expected to rapidly decline, the demand is expected to go up – the number of high net worth individuals, the main buyers for this segment of the market, is increasing much faster than the rate at which diamonds are unearthed. This information is “old news” in the industry, but it is usually overlooked by the whose and whose of the industry. There’s no need to panic though – the diamond industry is as strong as ever and will not be in a crisis because of this. It only means that in 60 years, there won’t be any new supply, which is why investing in diamonds now is the best course of action, especially considering the long run course. Read all about it in our blog.

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