Martin Rapaport and Meira Weissberg, Holding Over 400 ct. Diamond
Martin Rapaport and Meira Weissberg, Holding Over 400 ct. Diamond
Israeli Diamond Pavilion
Israeli Diamond Pavilion. Credit: Iris Hortman

Weissberg Diamonds IL was founded 3 decades ago, and its expertise is in buying, importing and exporting high quality certified diamonds from the top grading labs in the world.

  • We work with the top grading laboratories around the world – GIA, HRD & IGI.
  • We specialise in the highest quality diamonds in all shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Subjected to the terms and conditions of the Israeli Diamond Exchange and obligated to full disclosure.
  • We offer significant savings compared to the competitors.
  • We offer professional, trustworthy and personal consulting all along the way.
  • A certified member of the Israeli Diamonds Exchange.
  • We provide advice on diamond investment.
  • We specialise in high quality diamonds for investment purposes according to RAPI – RapNet Diamond Index.
  • A certified professional Gemologist, with seniority and lots of experience, with license to engage in diamonds.
  • We support fair trade in diamonds as approved by the Kimberley process.
  • We believe that honesty and decency are the keys for a professional and successful business.

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Diamond Investment Consultation

“By the time our grandchildren buy their first diamond, most mines will have reached the end of their life cycle and most diamonds will be sourced from the second-hand market. Within 40-to-60-years, 98% of all diamond mines will be exhausted.” (FCRF, 2019).

This important information should help you decide whether a diamond investment could be an investment option for you –  a significant drop in supply will occur in just a few decades.


“It needs a woman’s touch”

Design Your Own Custom-Made Jewellery

We pride ourselves on creating timeless jewellery that channel the beauty of each individual diamond into its perfect jewellery partner. Our quest for diamond perfection has brought us to produce an eye-catching display of light in each hand-selected diamond. Each design seeks to enhance the beauty of each diamond, while reflecting the personality of the person who wears them.

Give life to old jewellery

Renewal and Design of Your Old Diamond Jewellery

Jewellery renewal can be an exciting business, especially if the jewellery has a family history and sentimental value. Jewellery can be redesigned to have a vintage look or a contemporary style that can give old jewellery a new spark.

Please set a meeting for further options.

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Pink Diamond